Düzce Pharmaceutical R&D Center

Düzce Pharmaceutical R&D Center
It is an R&D center consisting of 65 researchers experienced in developing generic formulations and designing new carrier systems.

Our areas of expertise include solid dosage forms (conventional/modified/delayed release tablets, bi-layer tablets, capsules, ADT, effervescent granules, chewing tablets, lozenges and micropellets) liquid dosage forms (solutions, suspensions, syrups, drops) semi-solid dosage forms (creams, pomades, gels and lotions), cephalosporin group antibiotics, parenteral formulations (lyophilized products, pre-filled syringes, vials) and dry powder inhalers.

Nobel Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical R&D Center is experienced in making assessment in conjunction with the patent department to make innovative formulations that do not violate patents belonging to originator products and to file patent applications.

In addition to formulation development efforts, we develop methods and make appropriate technological assessments to perform technology transfer to manufacturing sites of the product in the most efficient way.

Our R&D center, in addition to formulation development, is also responsible for the development of analytical methods suitable for drugs substances and drug products and for the validation of the methods developed. High-order scientific analyses are conducted to ensure the success of drug formula development efforts. For this reason, it is important for the drugs manufactured based on the developed formulas to be analyzed with methods proven reliable. Our R&D center is equipped with advanced modern devices and holds state-of-the-art analysis laboratories.